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Security in courts  

Representation in court SPF Chernigov

Employees Chernigov have a rich practice of protecting the interests of our clients in arbitration with theudah, and courts of general jurisdiction and are ready to provide you with professional legal assistance at any stage of the trial.

Our specialists will provide expert and professional legal assistance, in accordance with the enabling legislation for the course to achieveof success in solving emerging client issues.

1. Pretrial settlement SPF Chernigov.
If you want to resolve the dispute in the pretrial order, we will help you understand the situation, give a correct legal evaluationthe prevailing legal, preparing written opinions, make a compilation of reference material, a preliminary analysis of the prospects for judicial affairs, will participate in negotiations, prepare and send a written claim to your counterparty.

2. Representation in Arbitration Court SPF Chernigov:
2.1 of petitions, appeals, appeals and oversight of complaints;
2.2 Preparation of case for trial;
2.3 Representation in all courts;
2.4 The representation of cases arising from civil-legal relations, including:
- Representation in court in defense of rights in immovable property (Istrabovanie property of another person's unlawful possession (vindikatsionnye claims);
- Removing obstacles to the enjoyment of property (negatornye claims);
- The recognition of rights to immovable property, and other ways to protect rights to realproperty);
- Representation in court in cases related to state registration of rights to immovable property;
- Representation in court for the Recovery of receivables (for business - contracts: salessale, transfer, lease, contract (including construction), services, agency contracts and commission agreements);
- Recovery of penalties for failure / improper performance of instruments: penalties, fines, penalties;
- Redresse caused damages to recover the amount of unjust enrichment;
- Representation in court for disputes arising from the formation, interpretation, modification and termination of contracts;
- Representation in court on disputes related to recognitiontion transaction invalid, the application of (non) consequences of the invalidity of transactions.
- Representation on cases arising from administrative and other public
2.5 relationships, including:
- Representation in court in cases related to the defense legislation.
challenge to non legal acts, decisions and actions (inaction) of state bodies, local authorities, other bodies and officials;
2.6 predstavitelstvo in court for the establishment of the facts of legal importance, including:
- The fact of possession and use of a legal entity or individual
- Entrepreneur, real estate as their own.
entrepreneurs in a specific time and place.
other facts that give rise to legal consequences in the field of business andother economic activity.
3. Representation in courts of general jurisdiction SPF Chernigov.
3.1 The preparation and filing of petitions and complaints in compliance with all necessary formalities;  
3.2 Representation in court on various categories of cases, including:
- Representation in court cases involving real estate transactions (investments in residential and non-residential premises, equity participation in the construction, land disputes, the transactionReal estate, inheritance cases, the disputes on the registration of rights to immovable property, eviction from the accommodation).
3.3 Protection of consumer rights.
3.4 The protection of copyright.
Marriage 3.5and family affairs.
3.6 The protection of rights in the accident.
4. Representation in the executive production of SPF Chernigov.

You have received a decision and do not know how to spolnit. SPF of Zaporozhye give you legal advice on the order of execution, will provide services to represent the interests of enforcement proceedings, we take care of all relationships with bailiffs executing.

What to do with the accident?
Preparing for layoffs?
Preparing for layoffs?
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